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Research Transformer Institute was established in 1959 (Decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 962 dtd. 07.08.1959).

By the order of the State Committee on Electrical Engineering with the Gosplan of the USSR No.113 of 21.10.1963 the Institute was conferred status of the All-Union Transformer Institute (VIT). In 1969 it was set a scientific engineering centre (SEC) of the Soviet Union in the field of transformer building. SEC carried out research and engineering developments and ensured coordination of works of 14 enterprises, 7 special design departments in the field of scientific and technological progress.

By the order of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine No. 98 of 31.07.1992 the Institute was appointed the parent organization in the field of the development of power transformer equipment and high-voltage apparatus.

Under the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 210/93 of 15.06.1993 “On Corporatization of State-Owned Enterprises”, by the direction of Zaporozhye Regional Council of People’s Deputies No.27 of 24.01.1995 the Institute was reorganized into Open Stock Company “Ukrainian Research, Design and Technological Transformer Institute” (OSC “VIT”).

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Joint Stock Companies” and on the basis of the decision of OSC “VIT” shareholders’ general meeting of 10.06.2011 a type of our company was changed to Public Joint Stock company.

According to the results of attestation conducted by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine VIT was ranked to research establishments with conferment of the highest category “A” for a term until October 20, 2012.

In 2003 the Institute got certificate of quality management system conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. In the year 2006 the term of validity was prolonged till 11.11.2009. In 2009 the Institute got a certificate of quality management system conformity to the requirements of of ISO 9001:2008.

The Institute is a powerful research and engineering centre, dealing with a large scope of research works, which allowed to create unique transformer equipment for HV classes of up to 1800 kV.

The main types of the Institute production are

  • scientific and research works;
  • design and technological documentation;
  • individual software (under the order) and adaptation of software packages to users’ specific requirements; rendering services on programming and maintenance, and also other specialized services in the informative sphere;
  • models, prototypes and electrical products, including: power transformers and autotransformers, oil-immersed, with non-combustible and gas filling, dry-type ones, for converting devices, railways, special purpose; electric reactors; tap-changing devices for transformer voltage regulation; instrument transformers; test installations;
  • special technological equipment for manufacturing, and also for repair and mounting of transformers, reactors and high-voltage apparatus;
  • scientific and technical services (tests, certification, metrological attestation, maintenance. expert examination etc.).
The Institute laboratory-experimental complex includes: development shop, large high-voltage investigations laboratory, stands for electromagnetic, thermal, climatic, mechanical and other types of testing transformers and high-voltage apparatus, separate units of constructions, electrical and structural materials.


The Institute’s partners are the companies from different countries

• JSC HC “ELEKTROZAVOD” (Moscow, Russia);
• Separate enterprise “Ufimskiy transformer plant” (Ufa, Russia);
• All-Russian Electric Institute – VEI (Moscow, Russia);
• “Togliatti Transformer” Ltd. (Togliatti, Russia);
• CSC “Energomash-Uralelektrotyazhmash” (Yekaterinburg, Russia);
• CSC “Rosenergotrans” (Irkutsk, Russia);
• OJSC “Altai transformer plant” – ALTTRANS (Barnaul, Russia);
• OJSC Energy and Electrification Company “Rostovenergoremont” (Rostov-on-Don, Russia);
• JSC “NIIVA” (St.-Petersburg, Russia);
• OSC “Energomechzavod” (St.-Petersburg, Russia);
• OJSC “Birobidzhan power transformers plant” (Birobidzhan, Russia);
• All-Russian research and design institute of electric locomotive construction (Novocherkassk, Russia);
• PJSC “Zaporozhye super power transformer plant” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine);
• PJSC “Zaporozhtransformator” (ZTR, Zaporozhye, Ukraine);
• PJSC “Factory for production of small-size transformers” (PJSC “MGT”, Zaporozhye, Ukraine);
• PJSC SEC “ZTZ-Service” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine);
• LP “High-voltage apparatus plant” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine);
• PJSC “Preobrazovatel” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine);
• “Strumtekh” Ltd. (Zaporozhye, Ukraine);
• Private JSC “Azovskiy machine engineering plant” (Berdyansk, Ukraine);
• PJSC “Ukrelektroapparat”(Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine);
• Zaporozhye National Technical University (Zaporozhye, Ukraine);
• PJSC “Slavyansk plant of high-voltage insulators” (Slavyansk, Ukraine);
• PJSC “Malin paper factory” – Weidmann (Malin, Ukraine);
• SC “Kentau transformer plant” (“Kaztransformator”, Kentau, the Republic of Kazakhstan”);
• OSC “ Chirchik transformer plant” (Chirchik, the Republic of Uzbekistan);
•Production republican unitary enterprise “Minskiy Electrical Plant named after V.I. Kozlov” (Minsk, the Republic of Belarus);

• Siemens AG, Germany;
• AREVA (ALSTOM), France;
• CKD Transformer plant, Czech Republic;
• Transformer plant SKODA, Czech Republic;
• Bratislava electric plant, Slovakia;
• Hyundai Technologies Center Co., Ltd., Hungary;
• Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., the Republic of Korea;
• Hyosung Corporation, the Republic of Korea;
• LS Industrial Systems Co., the Republic of Korea;
• ILJIN Electric Co., the Republic of Korea;
• VONROLL Transformer plant, Israel;
• TBEA Transformer plants, China;
• AL-AHLEIA Switchgear Co., Kuwait;
• ZANWA Sdn Bhd., Malaysia;
• Malaysia Transformer Manufacturing, Malaysia;
• Fortune Electric Co. Ltd, Taiwan;
• Iran Transformer Research Institute ITRI, Iran;
• Wilson Transformer Company, Australia;
• AMPCONTROL, Australia;
• Crompton Greaves Ltd., Transformer plants, India;
• Transformer & Rectifier Limited, India;
• Vijai, India;
• EMCO, India;
• Prime Electric Ltd., India;
• Kanohar Electricals Limited, India;
• Telk; Transformers and Electricals Kerala Ltd., India;
• Bharan Bijlee Ltd., India;
• Powertech Corporation (PTC), USA;
• Pennsylvania Transformer Technology Inc., USA;
• Industries IEM, Mexico PROLEC GE International, Mexico.

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