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Instrument and test transformers and installations, mobile electric laboratories

JSC ”VIT” has technical facilities and skilled personnel for design, manufacture and supply of single specimens and small batches of the following types of electric equipment:

Our specialists will always render you consultation as to all design and manufacture issues. Skilled and competent personnel is always ready to help you to work out technical requirements, make design and perform complex supply of electric laboratories, devices, equipment and also training of your personnel. We perform warranty and after-sale service, render technical and methodological support within the whole service life of our equipment.

11 Dniprovske shose, Zaporizhzhya
69069, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (061) 284-52-51; +38 (061) 284-52-01
Fax: +38 (061) 284-54-55


Testing and measuring equipment supplied to our Customers operates reliably. We meet the highest technical requirements of the Customers for design and manufacture of unique types of equipment. All products are tested and meet requirements of international and national standards.

  1. Stationary high-voltage test installation UVISM-12.
  2. Stationary gas-filled test installation UISG–25.
  3. Stationary gas-filled test installation UISG-100.
  4. Stationary gas-filled test installation UISG-230: Test of insulation of high-voltage equipment with short-duration 50 Hz frequency voltage, including measurement of output voltage, partial discharges, capacity and tangent delta of insulation. Uinput=380 V, Uoutput=20÷230 kV; Soutput=85 kV•A.
  5. Mobile gas-filled test installation UIPG-230-I.
  6. Mobile gas-filled test installations UVPG-250.
  7. Mobile electric laboratory ETL-250.
  8. Stationary gas-filled test installation UISG-395-II.
  9. Mobile gas-filled test installation UIPG-395-III.
  10. Mobile gas-filled test installations UIPG-440.
  11. Stationary gas-filled test installation UISG-440: Tests of insulation of bus supports, hollow porcelain insulators, disconnectors, breakers, surge arresters, controlgear and switchgear, current transformers and other similar products with high voltage of 50 Hz frequency (including measurement of output voltage, partial discharges, capacity and tangent delta of insulation). Uinput=380 V, Uoutput=40÷440 kV; Soutput=134 kV•A.
  12. Stationary gas-filled test installation UISG-560.
  13. Test oil-filled transformers TM, IOM.
  14. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-25-II: Test of insulation of electric equipment with high voltage of 50 Hz frequency. Uinput=380 V; Uoutput=25 kB; Soutput=100 kV•A.
  15. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-100-II.
  16. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-120-I.
  17. Test transformers with SF6-insulation ITG-185, ITG-230.
  18. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-200.
  19. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-230.
  20. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-250.
  21. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-260.
  22. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-316.
  23. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-350.
  24. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-395.
  25. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-450.
  26. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-460-365.
  27. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-500.
  28. Test transformer with SF6-insulation IOG-510.
  29. High-voltage gas-filled test installation VGI.
  30. Low-pass filter FNC 50/300-I.
  31. High voltage shields.
  32. Voltage transformers with SF6-insulation ZNOG-110.
  33. Voltage transformers with SF6-insulation ZNTG ЗНТГ-110.
  34. Voltage transformers with SF6-insulation ZNOG-220.
  35. Current transformer TOM-15-I.
  36. Current transformer TOG-35-II.
  37. Voltage transformer NOM-15-I.
  38. Voltage transformer ZNOM-35-I.
  39. Standard voltage transformers TNO-330: Check of voltage transformers of 110…330 kV. U1r=110/√3; 150/√3; 154/√3; 220/√3; 330/√3 kV; U2r=100/√3; 100; 100:3 V. Accuracy class 0.1 и 0.2.
  40. Standard voltage transformer TNOOG-220-I.
  41. Standard voltage transformer TNOOG-330-II.
  42. Standard voltage transformer TNOOG-500-I.
  43. Set of equipment for mobile laboratory for checking of 3–110 kV voltage transformers: for using as a part of mobile laboratory during check of 3–110 kV voltage transformers at site Uinput=20÷380 V, Uoutput=12÷230 kV; Accuracy class 0.1.
  44. Working etalon of voltage conversion scale factor KTG-330-I.
  45. Gas-filled mobile metrological installation UMPG-330-I.
  46. Test transformers IOG-100/100-I.
  47. Test transformers IOG-300/100-I.
  48. Voltage and current transformers for control gear and switchgear.
  49. Mobile electric laboratories PPL-330-1.
  50. Mobile electric laboratories PPL-750-1.

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